"If what you hold in your hand is not enough for a harvest, then make it a seed."

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Old Friends Are Best

Old friends are best I'm sure you know
But life gets in the way - pulling us to & fro

You lose contact through miles & years
But in our hearts they stay forever - kept so dear

Blessed were we to have them drop by today
The love we share is still there what more's to say

To share a meal with long time friends
To share in prayer of love & hearts to mend

They sing for YOU both day and night
They sing from their heart with all their might

Their songs are from YOU to the saved and lost
Never worrying about count or cost

Bless them Lord as they walk in YOUR way
Keep them safe and their health okay

But as they go to all these places
Let them see YOU in all "The Faces"

Don & Joy friends of our past
Thank YOU Lord for friendships that last.

Written for Don & Joy 2015

Don and Joy McCloud: Missionaries To America

Don McCloud

Here's an article about our Nephew, Scott Starcher and his great humor.

Scott has come through a lot of physical difficulties in his little life. He's a real inspiration!

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Don and Joy have dedicated their lives to this ministry which has concentrated on bringing the Gospel and the Love of Christ to those that are all too often passed by. Their ministry is delivered through music and the spoken word, at whatever time or location God may see fit to provide an opening.


"Southern Gospel Music at its Best!"

"Don and Joy crisscross the lower 48 states, giving of their time and resources to provide moments of elation and an escape from the daily routine for those who are most often cast aside and forgotten.  From the hills and hollows of the Appalachians to the desert sands of Nevada, their music has filled the air and their message of boundless love has been freely given."

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